There are so many people who take craft to sea with very little idea of all the things that can go wrong and what to do if they happen.

There are, of course, advantages and disadvantages with different tuition options. Our opinion, if you have a boat already but little or no boating experience, is that conventional boat tuition is far too slow. You are very likely to encounter problems before you have even made contact with a tuition provider.

Whatever, when making your comparison, the speed of learning offered by Tele-Pilot deserves special consideration, as you will discover when viewing the samples. We are confident you will realise what great value this series remains to be, even now in the 2020s.

Still in doubt? Click back on YouTube and view the Achieve Your Dream video. You really do have plenty of information there to compare what you may feel is available via other options. Note the features unique to Tele-Pilot. For example, you will actually see the action and hear the sound signals. You are actually there on board with Gary your instructor, experiencing all as it happens.

You can also click here to a PDF file, which we have purposely left visible for those wanting to compare our current prices with those in the 1990s. On average you get a 20% price advantage on a 2020s purchase, yet have lost nothing in the value of the actual product.

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