I have recently sold my gas-guzzling acquisition boat Cataranga.

This is quite a surprise outcome for me and perhaps many followers of Tele-Pilot. If you haven't already discovered the recent Project Fury video series on YouTube, may I suggest you go there.

Tele-Pilot customers will soon realise that I actually knew rather well the boat that stars in Project Fury and yes, it's Cataranga.

I promise that I had nothing to do with it, except that I sold Cataranga to the other two stars of Project Fury. I had no clue of what they had in mind for the boat, other than sprucing it up to use for the rest of 2019 on the River Medway. I think I understood they wouldn't start any more serious work on Cataranga until the 2019 season had drawn to a close.

However if you watch even a small part of their video project, you will see Cataranga is in for another treat within its life span. It had a major machinery re-fit in 2010-12 here at Emerald Quay, Shoreham. Now the lucky lady is in for some very specialist and serious re-fitting. I for one am delighted that this superb high-speed Fairline is going to be around for some years to come. I do wish this industrious couple good luck with their project.

Click on FURY where you will see Cataranga when she was only four years old. I have often said, she goes astern faster than many boats will go ahead!

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