An observation. Especially in the case of the UK and with regard to the thousands of boats filling marinas and yacht club moorings, it has always seemed to me that there are far too many boats tied up and apparently rarely going anywhere.

Boats and money tied up are great for marinas and for those renting out berths, but a bad investment for boat owners who aren't using their craft as much as they had expected. It could be that they haven't found the time to improve their navigation and seamanship skills.

Skippering a boat isn't quite as easy as driving a car. After the initial excitement of owning the boat has passed, many realise that it isn't all fun and excitement but requires skills and knowledge, and for lack of these the boat becomes somewhat neglected.

The Tele-Pilot DVD series is an invaluable tool to get more boats out on the water more often. Through studying, the owner is equipped to embark on bigger adventures, providing them with regained interest and enthusiasm, leading to more use and far better value for money.

Global warming may well create a much increased demand for sailing craft ownership. Yacht Charter will also be in greater demand. Those unsure whether to go for motor or sail, should consider that a future boat purchase ought to be a sailing boat.

The use of cars and aeroplanes is likely to reduce considerably. Tropical holidays abroad may increasingly become an impossible luxury. The demand for holidays here in Britain will continue to escalate and soon there will be boats on the sea rather than cars on the roads and filling the car parks.

Wind is free and comes with much greater exercise and improved health. So yes, the cruising yacht has a great future and so, we expect, has Tele-Pilot, providing fast marine education and boat safety in the sea, the rivers and the marinas.

The Tele-Pilot DVD format is ideal for study at home, or if the boat is sizeable enough for a chart table, on board, when in a marina or when sheltering. (presumably at anchor). Finding things to do when weather-bound can be quite a problem - unless you have a Tele-Pilot or two on the book shelf! Much better still if you were in a location covered by a Cruise Pack and had purchased one prior to the cruise. The pack will be great viewing for all aboard. Once back on passage, you will be surprised how much extra interest your crew take in the navigation of the boat. Go to Tele-Pilot Cruise Packs and discover more.

Yes, the world must change, and we in Britain must understand we need to adapt. We believe that change will include more people taking their holidays in the UK, some of whom will turn to our waters and to the boating scene.

To set up yacht schools with trained instructors, and fast, may not be a practical idea. Tele-Pilot is already set up and needs only to be duplicated and distributed. Sounds to me a much better idea and really needs to continue.

You may ask who is this chap that seems to have set himself up and reckons to have all answers to boat safety at sea? This is an extremely good question. If you want value for money for instruction and advice, always try to discover the actual track record of your instructor.

I am a retired Master Mariner and have spent much of my lifetime in shipping world wide. Until last year I owned an offshore twin-engine 30-knot Fairline Fury motor cruiser and I still sail a ketch-rigged Fisher Northeaster diesel motor sailer.

I have only sailed small boats in and near to the English Channel, but almost entirely single-handed, visiting scores of locations in conjunction with this my Tele-Pilot series. During this time I chose the locations, shot the videos, conducted interviews and performed the navigation and seamanship. Thereafter I edited the material into over 30 videos and produced about 60 hours of marine tuition viewing. I have also been responsible for marketing the series since its inception in1988. What more could you want than to learn from a sailor that navigates single handed from A to B SAFELY the miles covered to produce the series so far.

I believe that 2020 is the right time to relaunch my series and reintroduce it on this website now, with no less than a total of almost 4 hrs of FREE to watch Tele-Pilots, showing clearly what you can expect before committing to the purchase of my unique PAYABLE Tele-Pilot videos. Click on Pilotage or click on Tuition.

Click YouTube to check out the 12 complete or out-take sampler videos. If you want a fun start, our Cataranga is very popular. After a general boat inspection, she moves gradually into some rather high speed action in very narrow waters. Click Fury, Great fun - but not an educational video! Unlike the remaining 11 videos, including our two-part Achieve Your Dream / The Good Life (my series information video). Those under the title All You Need For Safe Boating will provide you with free maritime educational out-takes in locations such as in London, Burnham (Essex), Calais, Cherbourg, the Channel Islands and the Scillies.

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