A Little Competition for the RYA

Shortly after commencing sales of my pilotage series, customers were telling me, we are learning so much so quickly. Customers began buying locations simply for the navigation and seamanship content, not necessarily because the location was on their list of visits. It soon became clear to me that information for safe navigation and seamanship, should be included as early as possible into specially selected and the most appropriate Tele-Pilot videos. Based on this conclusion, this is how the 'Super Seven' and 'Top Twelve' tuition packages, began to materialise.

From the many conversations at the boat-shows, I soon realized that about two thirds of those I spoke to, were taking craft to sea with very little knowledge. This I found rather alarming and positively dangerous, especially for the many continuing to use their boats, even after realizing they should know more.
I began to ask boat-show visitors, where they were obtaining their tuition? How long their tuition was taking? At what point had they started their tuition, also what it had so far cost them? Most I spoke to, confirmed that Royal Yachting Association recognized establishments, were apparently the only real source of Leisure craft tuition available.

Soon I was to discover that the RYA's objective, via their practical and shore based training, is to progressively put their students through examinations. This is fine in the long run, but far too slow for many leisure mariners new to the environment and especially the many already taking a craft to sea.
I discovered that many new to boating don't have the time or often the inclination, to spend the time gaining the knowledge needed. Many, I could see, were trying to manage their boating without making the time for obtaining the knowledge. I was soon convinced that the purchase of a Tele-Pilot or two, will make those with little experience, realize that there really is much to learn, and any thought of trying to avoid tuition, is not being at all sensible.

In contrast to the RYA's rather spaced out and slow via examinations approach. It was clear to me, that what the leisure navigator really needs .... IS SIMPLE ADVANCED INFORMATION.
My Tuition Package PRIORITY just had to be instant up front knowledge, to have all skippers and prospective skippers knowing exactly what can be expected when taking small craft into the tide-ways and out to sea. Information needed to stop novice navigators taking risks. Information to recover from the many unexpected problems that will arise. The overall content of the information, warnings and advice, to include no more and no less than the information required, for a leisure craft to be navigated safely and efficiently. Leisure boating is, of course, to be enjoyed and not marred by over long and possibly painful learning.

There have been many occasions, when suggestions have been made that RYA approval should be sought for my Series. I usually smile and suggest that perhaps the RYA should seek my approval, or at least take my advice on 'up front' safety teachings. My advice to the RYA, of course, would be for them to simply sell 'Super Seven' and 'Top Twelve' packs.

It should be clearly understood by all, that a qualification on paper is not nearly as useful as actually being a confident, sensible and efficient skipper.
I have over time discovered, that many with RYA qualifications, remain without the confidence they thought they would achieve. This may well be due to the absence of 'Sea Time', (experience at sea). My DVDs fast provide great contrasts of experience providing this important requirement. Regrettably, not reality 'sea time', but never the less very important knowledge not possible to be provided in sufficient quantity fast enough via conventional tuition.


The Truth of REALITY

Unlike a Pilot Book, that simply tells you what can be found, my Tele-Pilots not only tell you what can be found (via the truth of the camera), but also VERY POSITIVELY ASSIST ON HOW TO GET THERE .... SAFELY.

My series is reality on video, nothing staged and 80% of the action while under way. All of the action accompanied by the dialogue, speeds the understanding and the learning. Almost all acquisition aboard is actually captured while navigating single handed. A full media type crew aboard my Fisher, would create large problems, as well as resulting in prohibitive costs. I feel the single handed approach, adds credibility to my series and on occasions, even provides additional 'Gripping Stuff'. All is produced and presented by this 'sea dog', boasting a 'cast iron track record', also boasting extensive experience, including a background of navigating an assortment of merchant ships about the UK and Continental coasts.

I apologise for some less than professional 'camera work' at times, but as you will see, foul weather frequently has some influence on this. Camera pans and zooms are often used to confirm distances off marks and to show one mark or landfall etc. with relationship to another. Long shots and close shots, from a similar position, may sometimes confuse, this should often be understood as your point of viewing, seen with and without binoculars.

Those out of close reach of my series are sometimes disappointed that their locations were not used in the production. However, no matter where your boating locations may be, I remain confident that my Tuition Packs remain, without doubt, the best and most positive option for anyone not confident in their navigation and seamanship, wherever one is located.


It may not come as a surprise to many, that the vast majority of craft are used quite infrequently and therefore make for a rather poor investment. Some boat owners probably just canít find the time they had hoped to spend aboard, however there are owners that will admit to not using their craft as much as they would like to, due to a bad experience, resulting perhaps from the lack of navigation and seamanship knowledge and confidence.
This hopefully may now be addressed, as more leisure mariners become aware of my PILOTAGE videos. The cost of Tele-Pilot PILOTAGE videos and the time you may spend studying and enjoying them will be a great investment, especially when considering the investment possibly already made, or about to be made, in a boat. Tele-Pilot PILOTAGE videos are should I say? 'A quick fix', an easy way to help anyone use a craft more safely, effectively and frequently, particularly in any of the locations included within my series.

I feel Tele-Pilot Pilotage has become the ideal product to bridge the gap between those that have made the effort to become safe and knowledgeable generally, and those not wanting the 'Hassle' of all the extra pain and expense involved in the learning. I must say, for those that have and for those that do purchase Tele-Pilot Pilotage videos, I endorse this as being sensible action and a great step forward onto the maritime 'learning ladder'.



I spent another period away, not so long ago, on a passage shooting Tele-Pilot footage. The passage from Shoreham, Sussex to the Isles Of Scilly. Again I was disappointed to see that there were so few leisure craft actually making coastal passages, even at weekends. This is hard to understand when considering the packed marinas and moorings, especially in the South.

A Tele-Pilot or two may well inspire an adventurous spirit, and many may soon realize that Tele-Pilot has provided that extra confidence to get away on a voyage. You can put yourself into the reality and follow in similar tracks to those made in the videos. On the longer passage videos, they frequently suggest the best route, tactics, shelter and the likely best stops to make.

For the more experienced and those with access to a capable and sea worthy craft, there really are so many adventures a skipper and crew can achieve. With newly found knowledge, via Tele-Pilot, you will be more efficient and be able to cover a passage more effectively, probably making better time, achieving more distance and resulting in more enjoyment on your well deserved time away.

Another great advantage with my series is that all the family and crew can become involved and knowledgeable without further cost, becoming more useful and effective crew members. There is, of course, additional cost for each student learning via conventional sea schools. Ladies are circumnavigating the world these days, so maybe more ladies will join in too, another great move to enhance boat safety and efficiency.

I am told that Tele-Pilot really does take much of the effort and boredom out of the learning. Via your high speed learning, soon you could be fuelling up, provisioning your boat and proudly setting off on one of the biggest adventures of your life. Each Tele-Pilot video really puts Voyage Planning on a plate for you, providing the opportunity to experience the passage via video, step by step and Chart by chart, before 'going for it' in reality.

Fuel Up, Provisions Aboard, Plan Well And GO FOR IT!

If you would like to read on a little further I would like to tell you about a passage I believe to be one of the best and most attractive close off-shore challenges anywhere. Certainly a passage within easy reach of thousands of craft, from the Solent and Channel bordering ports in the UK or on the Continent. The passage is Poole to the Isles of Scilly, a passage well worth hugging the super picturesque coastline.

Here's a brief indication from the two videos covering my Tele-Pilot voyage Poole to St. Mary's (C5/ONE & C5/TWO) We start, by chopping through heavy over-falls off Anvil Pt.. An overnight stay in Lulworth Cove. Sneaking past Portland Bill at the right moment. Avoiding the Portland Race. On over the open expanse of Lyme Bay and into the great fishing port of Brixham. Rounding Start Pt., fast before a gale materialises. Slipping quickly across Salcombe Bar into both shelter and the super scenery of Salcombe. An overnight stop via Plymouth Sound and into the attractive Cawsand Bay anchorage. Rounding the Lizard and seeing the white buildings and light house, gleaming in the glorious morning sunlight. (a marked contrast to the weather, in my included story, of passing going back East). Now pushing on out towards the Scillies, past Wolf Rock Light House in the long low Atlantic swell. Finally a super and easy arrival into St. Mary's Road, as the Sun sets behind Samson Island and the anchored square rigger 'Tenacious'. When you watch these two Tele-Pilots, an enthusiastic experienced and adventurous navigator and crew, will seriously begin a discussion to 'Go For It'. Remember your weather may be very different! The weather is of course a matter of luckÖ or bad luck!

The knowledge you will have gained from these two DVDs, as with any Tele-Pilot, really will put you into the picture and will help you tremendously to decide if you want to put yourself into the particular picture! Or to leave well alone until you have more knowledge, experience, or perhaps a more capable craft.

Click on PILOTAGE (Poole & West Of Poole Locations) and see information on videos: Poole-Salcombe & Salcombe-St. Mary's C5/ONE & C5/TWO. If you purchase one or both of them, I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.



In recent years much is made of ocean & round the world navigating.

With respect to round the world navigators, ocean cruising can at times be extremely boring. Coastal navigation can be every bit as testing and exhilarating, but rarely boring. As I'm sure, most will agree, disaster can strike just as easily close off-shore, as it can when on a round the world adventure. The ace up your sleeve on coastal passage making is, that you can run for shelter, or more sensibly, stay in port until conditions are suitable. An interesting debate for a yacht club, as to who has the greatest risks. The ocean navigator or the coastal navigator? Obviously two different ball games, but great contrasting leisure boating fun and excitement. However, the shorter coastal passages are a more practical proposition for most of us.

A final word regarding TELE-PILOT AND YACHT CLUBS

The Tele-Pilot series is, of course, of very special interest for both the motor boat club and the yacht club. A Yacht Club anywhere with a library of Tele-Pilot videos, will be offering a great advantage for members, where so much is on offer at so little cost. A serialised three hour Tele-Pilot on club evenings, will both educate and entertain members immensely, especially throughout the winter evenings.

Whatever your involvement, wherever you may be navigating,
I wish you safe and exciting boating,
Best wishes to you all from this enthusiastic 'sea dog'

'Click On' and on...

...there's even more on my expanding series.


Regards from Gary

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