Tele-Pilot PILOTAGE is currently available in many of the following locations:


Here Is A Superb Video Collection, especially for those who would like positive assistance when navigating many well known ports and passages in the South.

Tele-Pilot is Comprehensive Pilotage Plus Navigation, Seamanship and Marine Electronics. Tele-Pilot provides, not only the visuals and sounds, but also the advice & information on how to navigate the passages effectively and get you into the ports safely.

Tele-Pilot Will Bring Your Charts & Almanacs 'To Life'. Check them out at home, along with the appropriate Tele-Pilot video. Soon there will be no stopping you and you will be setting sail (motor or sail) to complete your new navigation challenges.

Voyage Planning with Tele-Pilot Videos is not only great fun for all the family or crew, but also makes very good sense for achieving your voyages both safely and effectively.

Save Money too with MONEY SAVER CRUISE PACKS. These are very special, you can dicide which Tele-Pilot Cruise Pack is the cruise of most interest to you.

One also saves the price of one of the most expensive DVDs within the pack. What is also great, is that you have a full set of your most desired Tele-Pilot cruise locations.

Most boat Skippers understand the importance of voyage planning. So before you set off you can get together with your crew and plan your voyage.

Another real treat. When actually on the cruise and especially knowing that the weather may not be ideal, you may become weather bound and have to make for shelter. You may shelter within a marina or a sheltered anchorage. Once sheltered and secure, you and your crew can cosy down and enjoy a Tele-Pilot or two. Via Tele-Pilot, your crew will quite quickly become much more aware. They will have become surprisingly more understanding as to what is expected in the navigation department on board for the rest of the passage.

So often if the Skipper unfortunately becomes incapicitated, others aboard can be thin on the ground in keeping the boat safe there after. Knowledge obtained from Tele-Pilots may well save crews and craft from a problem or two. Not sure if to purchase one or two Tele-Pilots or a money saver pack. Do go to YouTube and discover all by clicking on Tele-Pilot

A great collection to have on board when weatherbound, your crew can gather round and better enjoy your probably enforced marina or anchorage pause and thus become far more knowledgeable for the passage.




Beneficial and fun Questionnaires
included with each video.


Currently There Are
Over 30 Videos
(over 60 Hrs of Collective Viewing)!

The Richard Montgomery
Medway Estuary Wartime Wreck
(All our DVD disks display this picture)

Full Information On The Inside & Outside
Of DVD Sleeves


Do check out our pilotage videos & you will discover just about everything you need to take a leisure craft SAFELY to sea.
The Tele-Pilot Series WILL have you SAFER on the water... FASTER!
Soon you will be using your craft more frequently and more effectively.


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