Four NEW 2020 money-saving Cruise Packs are now available in addition to our very successful existing Super 7 and Top 12 box sets.

Cruise Packs are intended as a stepping stone up to our box sets. They contain a huge variety of action and events for the locations that they cover. Tele-Pilot is known particularly for this excellent visual step-by-step pilotage, taking you through all the important action even before leaving home or the port of departure. When on the passage and when approaching the Marks or port entrances your confidence will surely be boosted. "That's it! It's just like I saw it on the Tele-Pilot video!" It really is almost as good as having been there before.

Producer Gary has assembled these new packs from the existing large range of Tele-Pilot videos, providing another range of purchase options within the series. And the most expensive DVD within each pack comes FREE!

Click here for prices and further information on our Thames and English Channel Cruise Packs.

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