Tele-pilot Certificate of Competency
  1. The Certificate is a measure of confidence for yourself and others to know (that those having passed the Telephone Test) has studied, absorbed and understood the 'Top Twelve' or 'Super Seven' DVD Marine Education.
  2. The Tele-Pilot Certificate will confirm that those having undergone and PASSED the Telephone Test are judged proficient and safe when Skippering a Leisure Craft on the water. Evidence of your being a qualified person to Navigate a Leisure Craft within UK and Continental Waters. This may be essential information should one be dealing with a Charter Company, Insurance Company, Coast Guard or any other official body that may inquire of your qualifications for whatever reason.
  3. A passport type photograph of the person indicated must accompany the certificate. A copy of the Certificate along with a copy photograph is also held on file at our office. Name and signature of navigator, issue No. examiners Signature plus Examination date are, of course, included on the Certificate. The certificate is not valid should any signature or the photograph be missing.
  4. The Certificate is obviously only valid for the person named on the Certificate. Several certificates can, of course, be issued, the certificate is for the person that answers the test questions correctly to the satisfaction of the examiner. Remember the excellent point of the series. THE PRICE OF ONE PACK CAN EDUCATE MANY.
  5. The Telephone Test very simply comprises of a selection of questions taken at random from the many Tele-Pilot Questionnaires that accompany 'Top Twelve', where 30 questions will be asked, or 'Super Seven' where 20 questions will be asked.
  6. The Examiner's decision is final when it comes to awarding or not awarding a pass. Those passing the test will need to obtain the two indicated recent and identical photographs. One retained to clip onto the Certificate and the other sent in for our records. The photo sent in must be signed on the back by the person having passed the Test. On receipt of the photograph at our office your completed and fully signed Certificate will be posted to the address appearing on the certificate.
  7. The cost of the examination is just £16. Should one fail the Telephone Test, further tests are priced at £12. The Certificate and telephone test is optional and it is entirely up to the Navigator if or when one seeks the test.

It should be understood that having studied Top Twelve or Super Seven and passed the Telephone Test, it is no guarantee of acceptance of your qualification by those making enquiries of your Navigation or Seamanship abilities. We, of course, will provide any back up that we can if we are contacted regarding any problem. Your Tele-Pilot Certificate of Competency will, of course, place you well ahead of the many at sea in craft and having no documented qualifications.

How does it work
Class ONE test for 'Top Twelve' students

30 General Marine Knowledge Questions

Test Time = approx. 30 mins.

Maximum marks per question = 10
Maximum Score = 300 marks
Marks required for a pass = 250

Class TWO test for 'Super Seven' students

20 General Marine Knowledge Questions

Test Time = approx. 20 mins.

Marks are out of Ten per question.
Maximum marks per question = 10
Maximum Score = 200 marks
Marks required for a pass = 150

(See information provided below regarding the loss of 4 marks per question if clues are offered)


Assistance Clues

When the student is faltering on the answer to a question, a clue may be offered. This clue will cost the student 4 marks, therefore top mark = 6.

If Total marks obtained indicate a fail, but close to a pass, some questions may be asked again, to offer the chance of a pass.

The decision made by the examiner is final.

Bookings & payments

All dates must be booked at least one month in advance and paid at the time of booking.

Tests are carried out during weekdays in the second week of each month unless other dates have been specially agreed in advance.

Skype Video Call Test available on request (advanced notice required for this option).

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