When you have sampled our YouTube videos, start browsing more within our website. You could be well on your way to skippering or crewing for others out on the ocean waves.

We are living on a super group of islands in Britain and especially Scotland. Those really serious about skippering a boat and making a good living out of it, do especially check out my Tele-Pilot Top 12 and Super 7 tuition box sets. Click on Tuition.

My apologies to the Scots and to sailors in all locations not included in the Tele-Pilot series. The South Coast is my local patch and offered the full variety of situations and events that I wanted to include. Contrasts are what I wanted and contrasts are what I have. To name a few. Stunning weather (at times), steep cliffs, bags of traffic (shipping and leisure craft), fast tides, low contours of sand and shingle, steep rocks, estuaries (often littered with buoys), transit lights, rivers (with bridges), sand banks, over-falls, fog, gales, ports and marinas large and small, locks and weirs. You name it I probably have it.

In short, the English Channel is the perfect location for my purposes. I know all you Scots will say otherwise and you have so often done so when meeting with me on the Boat Show stands. I have always said, I can't do it all, get yourselves together and do something similar yourselves. A Top 12 will get you off to a great start. Most would have said it would be unwise to have started my project anywhere other than the South, especially with the bulk of population and a marginally better climate down this end of Britain.

I do predict that there will soon be quite a demand for professional leisure skippers and navigators, a great opportunity for men and for women with maritime knowledge and experience. The hire almost on demand of a cruising yacht will become a great attraction for a family or a group of friends. This will be in addition to yacht charter as we know it at the moment. This type of hire will come with the skipper to show the family etc, the ropes and navigate them safely, be it just a day trip out or over one or several nights, and of course much much more.

So get your Super 7 or Top 12, then pass your Telephone Test, make a deal with an owner of one of these yachts not going anywhere, and all of a sudden you have the makings of a self-employed 'Good Life' freelance. If anyone ever questions these qualifications you have rightly obtained via our telephone test, just put them in touch with our office and we will of course assist and put them well into the picture regarding your qualifications.

Remember we can all see how screens have suddenly burst into greater life for educational purposes. If you're going to look at a screen, go to our website selection of navigation menu's at the top of our website pages and work through a few Tele-Pilot promotion videos to see what's on offer, right here within my comprehensive educational marine screen. You could enter yourself into a profitable and very healthy profession perhaps never before imagined. High-class self employment is going to be the name of the game for you classy school and university leavers.

By the way I really can vouch for the benefits of this healthy outdoor life. I'm now in my 80s and looking to buy another yacht, so do buy my Tele-Pilots, I'm still short of a few bob for my new / part-used Nauticat yacht. I don't have a PA so please excuse any grammar or spelling bloopers (my spell checker is on the blink)!

Last but definitely not least. A huge Thank You for those who have assisted me so far in a project that I have thoroughly enjoyed and am still intending to continue with. Click on Testimonials and just see what my customers have said.

Thank you to all those who assisted and chatted in my interviews, some out at sea and some aboard their craft. You were really great. You may not realise how difficult it is sometimes to edit interviews. However I can tell you all, that I always enjoy myself when the interviews come round. I'm saying this to both private individuals, the many super helpful Harbour Masters and the officials at ports and in the marinas etc., thank you.

My thanks to all the chandleries that have assisted with retail sales, including WHS and especially Force 4 and Kelvin Hughes, plus many others providing me with a great platform to personally meet both their and my customers and for me to promote my series at the London and Southampton International Boat Shows.

Thanks also to the Admiralty and other major chart suppliers who have supplied charts, also marine equipment suppliers, and not forgetting the marinas and boat yards often providing convenient berthing, either free or at advantageous prices.

A thank you especially to the irreplaceable Colette, who assisted me in the busy Thames location videos. (Where are you, Colette? I'd love to hear from you.) Another really great lady friend to thank: Little Mallard my Fisher Northeaster, another star. She only got mad at me once and blew a gasket during the Medway video. Otherwise she was, and still is, there tirelessly looking after me in, at times, very inclement weather. Cataranga a great boat too but she has had plenty of praise already in her high speed video on YouTube. I thank both designers and manufacturers of these craft, both magnificent boats.

There are probably many more I should have specially mentioned not included here. I do send my sincere thanks to all.

Gary Williams
Producer, Tele-Pilot
(Master Mariner Home Trade. Retired)

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