This section is for our existing and regular customers. Probably like Producer Gary, just a little older. Anyway something for the younger ones too. We will include a little about marine employment in these great islands of ours.

Cataranga has GONE

It was a very sad day in summer 2019, walking back from Sussex Marina slipway where we had just delivered Cataranga. After more than 30 years of great service, she was to be transported away back to the River Medway. Which, oddly enough, was where she had originally come from at the inception of Tele-Pilot in 1988.

As we walked back to our moorings at Emerald Quay, suddenly my lady Linda, who had helped on the day, turned to me and exclaimed, "you're crying!" I turned away, "No, no I'm not. Just got something in my eye". She smiled and we continued walking again back towards our marina. It was a sad time. I had earlier in the year made up my mind that Cataranga should go. She was sending the wrong message in this age of global warming, by being a twin engine petrol guzzler, with consumption as low as 2mpg and speeds of up to 30 knots.

I'm considering acquiring a second acquisition craft in addition to Little Mallard for the series. I do have another yacht in mind. Like Little Mallard (Fisher Northeaster), with two-door accessibility for necessary camera work, I have an eye for a Nauticat 33. The Nauticat is expected to be a little faster than the Northeaster and also more comfortable for this ageing producer. So while upgrading my website here, it's perhaps worth a mention that I would love to hear from anyone who knows of a bargain fairly recent Nauticat 33!

I believe my Tele-Pilot 2020 RE-VISIT is very worthwhile. My prediction is that many more video series will enter circulation, inspiring marine education more positively and offering skills that could lead to the meaningful employment that sadly, many may soon need. We are surrounded by water and often give work away abroad which could provide livelihoods here in Britain.

It's also worth watching for the miles of superb river and coastline scenery, especially when viewing from seaward at sunset on a balmy evening, at a time when many people have lately rediscovered and reconnected with our wonderful natural land- and seascapes.

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